Refractories / Steel Industry

Steel Industry

DSF supply a range of refractory products for the iron and steel industry.

For direct reduction kilns, DSF have materials for the various different designs and operating conditions. In rotary kilns DSF supply a high alumina material DSF 72R, which has a very good track record of extending lining life. DSF 72R is a mixed mineral composition, it combines abrasion resistance, controlled expansion and CO² resistance REDOX. In operation, the DSF 72R lining becomes tight without the potential to spall.

For traditional DR kilns, DSF have specifically developed another high alumina material DSF 70MPF. We also offer a chome alumina alternative in DSF Chromac 30.

DSF also supply multi-hearth furnace shapes in DSF 45D and DSF 60MP, ladle bricks (hot face and safety linings), single piece iron ladle bottoms in DSF LC65SB, single piece steel ladle bottoms in DSF TAS, high alumina arc furnace roof bricks, well blocks and a range of monolithics including castables (with ceramic anchors) and multi purpose high alumina mortars.

Steel Ladle Brick

DSF supply high alumina brick for steel ladles along with materials for the safety linings.

one piece

A one piece steel ladle bottom in DSF TAS during installation.

Multi hearth furnace tiles

Multi hearth furnace tiles being installed.