Processed Minerals

The UK’s refractory minerals specialist.

Processed Minerals

DSF have extensive on-site storage for refractory minerals which are purchased from all around the world. Our crushing, screening and milling facilities are impressive, which allow us to produce large tonnages of material in a very wide range of size fractions to suit customer's requirements.

Our products are used by other refractory manufacturers, Ceramic producers, welding flux manufacturers and are used in anti-skid road surfacing. Typical size fractions are 10-5mm, 5-3mm, 3-1mm, 0.9-0.5mm, -0.5mm, -0.125mm etc.

We do not handle any reclaimed material, and we carefully control what is processed though our plant to ensure that we produce products without contamination. Our minerals can be supplied in 25kg sacks or bulk bags. We can also provide a blend of different size fractions or materials in a single bulk bag to be mixed on the customer's site.

Processed Minerals Supplied

Refractories Ceramics Welding Anti-Skid
Chinese Shaft Kiln Bauxite
Clayrac 42
Guyanan RASC Bauxite
Kerphalite Ka
Kerphalite Kb
Mulcoa 45
Mulcoa 60
Raw Kyanite

DSF also act as agents for UK supply of various refractory raw materials including:

Supplier Material
MOTIM Electrocorundum Ltd Fused Grain Minerals
Ponholz Insulating Fireclay Grain
RW Silicium Volatilised Silica
Silkem Tabular Alumina, Sintered Spinels
Silkem Hungary Calcined Aluminas