Refractories / Lime Recovery

Lime Recovery

DSF have a long history of supply to lime recovery kilns, our materials have been used successfully in the calcining and intermediate zones of rotary lime kilns for over 30 years.

In the calcining zone DSF have traditionally supplied DSF 59LS, which is a high fired sillimanite material specifically designed for rotary lime kilns. This is a 60% alumina brick, which with stable operating conditions, has given extended lining life. DSF 59LS is typically backed with DSF Cemlite 36, a semi-insulating material. In larger kiln diameters the lining often becomes unstable due to differential expansions. Alumino-silicate brick can still be used here if not pushed too hard but DSF have developed a higher alumina refractory, DSF 72R, which has given excellent life. DSF 72R is a robust material with superior mechanical strength providing a tight stable lining without spalling. Both DSF 72R and DSF 59LS have been proven to help reduce energy consumption in rotary lime kilns.

In the intermediate zone of the kiln DSF Cemlite 44P is recommended. This is a phosphate bonded semi-insulating lightweight brick, which can be supplied as a one piece lining replacing the more unstable dense chamotte and diatomite linings. DSF Cemlite 44P has become standard in some lime recovery kilns and again has proven longevity.

DSF also supply a range of monolithic materials which can be used in lime recovery kilns including Durocast LC60 for dam construction.


Used in more recent years for the calcining zones of lime recovery kilns.


DSF’s traditional brick offering in calcining zones.

DSF Cemlite 44P

A semi-insulating brick used successfully in the intermediate zone.