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DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd

The UK’s largest manufacturer of shaped refractories; DSF is recognised for technical competency and the company produces a wide range of high alumina and special refractories. DSF are specialists in large and complex shapes and refractories for applications at very high temperatures in arduous conditions.

The company is a major producer and supplier of processed refractory minerals for use in the refractory and other industries.

About DSF

DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd is an independent UK manufacturer owned by its directors and managers.

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DSF produce a complete range of refractory products based on mullite, andalusite, chamotte, bauxite, spinel and pure alumina. Our speciality is the production of large or complex shapes and refractories for arduous conditions.

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DSF produce and supply a complete range of high alumina refractory minerals, these are manufactured to tight grading specification in our state of the art mineral processing plant and supplied in paper/plastic sacks or bulk bags.

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Events & Exhibitions

DSF attend various conferences and exhibitions throughout the year. We often give papers or presentations about the latest developments in our company and products.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Refractory products are made using a machine pressing or vibration casting technique. Products are fired in high temperature kilns to give optimum properties and DSF have extensive block cutting and grinding facilities.

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Current Vacancies

There are a wide variety of job opportunities at DSF. View our current vacancies.

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