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DSF are experts in refractories technology

Machine Pressing

Bricks, blocks and special shapes are produced by automatic and/or manual presses. DSF’s wide range of press type enables a manufacturing flexibility capable of making simple, complex and large shapes in low or high quantities. In all cases the press mix granulometry is carefully controlled to give optimum product properties.


Large and/or complex shapes are produced using a vibration casting technique. Ethyl Silicate “Chemcast” products are produced and fired to high temperatures to facilitate mullite bonding. Other shapes are produced using low and no-cement methods which can give low porosity and permeability; no-cement casting often gives very high temperature capability.


DSF have a range of intermittent kilns that can be used to ideally suit the product being fired. We have three kilns that can fire up to 1700°C, with several thermally efficient large batch kilns that can fire to 1500°C. This is supplemented by a range of slow heating and cooling kilns which are ideally suited to produce tin bath blocks and other large shapes.

Cutting and Grinding

DSF have extensive cutting and grinding facilities; some of the largest in Europe which can efficiently cut and grind regular and complex blocks to very tight dimensional tolerances, ideal for furnace bottoms, forehearth shapes and tin bath blocks.

Layout and Inspection

Complete or partial pre-assembly of complex layouts is carried for inspection by the customer or by DSF quality personnel.