Refractories / Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry

DSF manufacture refractory bricks and special shapes for the petrochemical sector. Our refractories are suitable for SRU’s, Ammonia Reformers and any other process where there is a need for high quality refractories that have to survive very extreme thermal, chemical, abrasive and reducing environments.

To achieve greater reliability and increased sulphur recovery, DSF has the refractories to push that envelope. DSF offers high fired refractories with exceptional creep resistant and thermal shock properties. Protecting the SRU from problems associated with refractory roof slumping and unforeseen dramatic drops in temperature. Properties required to extend life.

With very good thermal conductivity characteristic DSF refractories help protect the external shell from excessive heat. With no free silica, a DSF SRU lining is not attacked by Hydrogen reducing premature loss of refractory life.

A DSF lining is also capable of surviving the thermal conditions associated with Oxygen enrichment without cracking and failing due to thermal stresses. Special shapes are cast and fired at DSF ready for quicker and easier on-site installation, reducing installation time and eliminating onsite cast variation. Offering site owners reduced installation costs, down time and increased life.

DSF press and cast high purity alumina support tiles and cones ammonia reformers. Using the very best raw materials and manufacturing techniques available to produce parts that can withstand the harsh reformer environment.

For the support of monolithic castings DSF press both standard and customer specific refractory anchors.

Cast Special Shapes

Special shapes, cast and fired at DSF, ready for customer inspection.

Ceramic Anchors

A kiln car of ceramic anchors waiting to be fired.

Inspection of a SRU

The crown of a SRU lined with Fricor 95 after 8 years of successful operation.