Refractories / Float Glass and Containers

Float Glass and Containers

DSF are a major supplier of bonded refractory to the float and container glass industries serving customers worldwide. Specific areas of expertise and supply are zoned mullite regenerators, forehearth shapes including colourant forehearths, large and complex blocks and refractories for the tin bath.

Our portfolio of materials includes high fired andalusite, mullite, fused mullite, pure alumina, bonded AZS, zircon, calcium aluminate and mag-alumina spinel.

DSF have the capacity to manufacture large volumes of standard brick shapes (approx 25,000 tonnes per year), but can also produce large and complex shapes to tight dimensional tolerances. The focus is on producing larger shapes such as block rider arches to reduce installation time and costs for our customers.

DSF’s mullite offer for regenerator design has become standard in the industry as glassmakers have moved away from basic and silica refractories. Typical recommendations have been established after many years of evaluation and testing. DSF 59 is a 55% alumina, 80% mullite material predominantly used for rider arch applications. DSF Frisil G is 58% alumina and 83% mullite, this is used in rider arches, adaptor courses and chimney blocks. DSF Frisil H is 63% alumina and 90% crystalline mullite, this is a essentially a mullite brick used in a wide range of applications including the upper regenerator walls and crown, transition courses and sometimes in rider arches. DSF Mullite ML31 is 70% alumina and 97% mullite, this unique high fired material is used in target walls, regenerator crowns and upper regenerator walls. A 99% alumina material, DSF 99, can be used as a protection layer for the checker pack.

DSF supply back up materials for the melter including DSF CF40 subhearth bottom blocks and DSF Porolite 135, which is a high strength insulation product. In the walls a combi-block is available, DSF Composite 135.

In the float furnace tin bath DSF are one of the leading suppliers of tin bath block with the material DSF CTB. DSF CTB is unique in the market, a cast material with a low cement bond, it has low diffusivity in combination with low permeability. This is extremely difficult to achieve, but also extremely advantageous for our customers ensuring trouble free glass production. DSF also offer sillimanite and calcium aluminate tiles for the tin bath roof.

Tin Bath Blocks

DSF CTB is used by most of the major float glass producers including AGC, Guardian, NSG and Saint-Gobain, a stud hole ram can also be supplied; DSF CTB Ram

Mullite Regenerators

Intermittant kilns are used at DSF to ensure full mullitisation of our range of regenerator andalusite and mullite materials, ensuring optimum stability and superior chemical resistance

Working End

DSF supply forehearth and working end superstructure to forehearth design companies and directly to container glass producers; we also supply burner blocks, bonded channels and oxy-fuel forehearth materials