DSF offer various high temperature refractory materials for oxy-fired melter crowns and superstructure.

DSF Frimul FX is specified for the melter crown in E-glass and speciality glass furnaces due to its high temperature creep resistance. This is a refinement of the original Frimul material with improved creep resistance at high temperature and high load. DSF Frimul FX is 75% alumina, which fully converts to 95% crystalline mullite on firing. If crown temperatures are less than 1600°C, DSF Mullite ML31 is a cost effective option. DSF also offer a re-bonded fused magnesia spinel material, DSF Frimax 7, for some speciality glass and oxy-fuel fired furnace crowns. This material is completely resistant to alkali and also has excellent high temperature creep resistance.

In the melter superstructure of E-glass furnaces, Frisil H is the standard recommendation. This is a high fired andalusite material, which on firing converts to 90% crystalline mullite resulting in excellent chemical resistance to borosilicate glass atmospheres. DSF AZ26 is used just above glass, this is a bonded AZS material designed to have good corrosion resistance with a 26% zirconia content. DSF Frimax 7 can be used effectively in the downstream breastwalls of speciality glass furnaces.

DSF also supply back up materials and feeder roof shapes and blocks for fibre glass furnaces. In the subhearth DSF can supply large 40% alumina blocks in cast (DSF CF40) or pressed (DSF 40) materials. These blocks are machined on six sides to tight dimensional tolerances giving tight joints. Unfired cost effective versions are also offered, DSF 40P has similar glass contact properties as DSF 40 but is generally offered unground. DSF Porolite 135 is used as sidewall and bottom insulation, this also has a cost effective unfired alternative in DSF Porolite 135P.

A range of sillimanite and mullite materials are used in feeder superstructures, these can be assembled at DSF prior to despatch for inspection.

DSF Frisil H

DSF Frisil H is a cost effective mullite brick. Used throughout the glass industry it finds application in fibre glass furnaces in melter superstructure. Its cast equivalent is used in E-glass feeder superstructure.

Subhearth Blocks

In the subhearth, DSF offer cost effective unfired block solutions with excellent dimensional tolerances and good glass corrosion resistance.

E-glass oxy-fuel crowns

In oxy-fuel fibre glass melter crowns, DSF’s high fired Frimul material has been used with great success. DSF Frimul FX offers even better creep resistance at high temperature and high load.